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SUP Rentals Chattanooga, TN 

Whether you want a day out on the water or looking to purchase a board, you may want to start here. Rentals include SUP Board, Paddle, Leash, and Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is teaming up with Big Ridge Yacht Club & Marina @ 1940 Hixson MArina Rd, Chattanooga TN to provide you a location to rent all of our latest demo boards & take lessons from experienced SUP instructors. We are open 7 days a week. Please contact or (423) 320-8248 or (423) 421-1403 to schedule your rental.

1. $75.00 per hour (one on one)
2. $115.00 per hour (two on one)
3. $150.00 per hour for (three on one)
One Hour
1. $35.00 for one board for one hour
2.$60.00 for two boards for one hour
3.$80.00 for three boards for one hour
Three Hour
1. $75.00 for one board for three hours
2. $140.00 for two boards for three hours
3. $210 for three boards for three hours

Please contact us for more information @                                      

(423) 320-8248 or
(423) 421-1403 






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